One of the icon of the American West. Most visited place because of it's unique natural rocks formation, some are built in buttes and mesas. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is owned by the America Indian tribe, the Navajo.

Last October 2014, when I finally saw the spectacular place of Monument Valley, that's why it is the favorite location for the movies since 1930's.

Since it was a 2-day custom tour, our tour guide decided that we slept there at Goulding's Lodge to witness the sunrise on the next day and start the tour as early as possible before the place packed with a lot of tourist. 

I'm completely amazed of this place, in your own private room balcony you had the spectacular views of the Monument Valley, what else could we asked for. 

We've also tried to dine in Goulding's Stagecoach Dining Room for breakfast and lunch and from there you can still see the views of Monument Valley.

West Mitten, East Mitten and the Mirreck Butte

The Three Sisters is the formation of a Catholic Nun 

 One of the popular trail stop The John Ford's Point

 The traditional Navajo dwellings are called Hogans

 This is called the Female Hogan and behind is the Male Hogan 

 They called this rock formation as E.T . because it's look like Extraterrestrial

 The petroglyphs 

 The  Ruins

The Totem Pole

 At the North side view

A must see place and highly recommended. If you didn't see this place yet just include this in your bucket list it's really worth it. Overnight stay at their lodge is good too their room is great and don't forget to witness the undeniably perfect sunrise.

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